Will waves affect the performance of Underwater GPS?

Waves may cause the boat to roll which may cause a degradation in performance.

If the baseline (Antenna or separate Receivers) is mounted on a boat which is rolling heavily, there are potential issues that may occur.

If using separate Receivers:

  • The Receivers may move significantly from its original position which you measured and inserted in the baseline setup in the GUI. This will cause the received signal to be misinterpreted which in turn will cause the position to be less accurate.
  • If you have mounted the Receivers high up in the water, they may actually be pulled out of water when the boat is rolling.

If using Antenna:

  • The Antenna has fixed positions of the receivers so internal movement between them is not an issue.
  • A shift in angle of the Antenna is not a huge issue as long as the angle shift is reasonably limited. A boat which is rolling heavily will pose an issue also when using the Antenna though.
  • The Antenna is physically mounted to the boat using the included RAM-mount. This mount may not be able to withstand the strong forces which comes from a heavily rolling boat.